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Unique Womens Fashions in the Heart of Oak Bay

Hilary MacMillan

Cupro Signature Blouse

  • $85.00
  • $220.00

Our Signature Blouse is made with 100% cupro, a sustainable and cruelty-free alternative to high-quality silk. This is our best-selling blouse that is perfect for work and everyday life. The blouse features a game changing 3 button bust-line closure to tackle "the gap" at your bra line as well as allow you to customize the depth of your neckline. It is made from Bemberg Cupro, a fabric made from up-cycled cotton linter which is a by-product of cotton production.

Using cotton by-product saves tons of useful cotton material from entering landfills and as a result the Bemberg Cupro is a refined natural fibre textile, biodegradable within 4 - 5 month of being returned to soil at the end if its life cycle. Each blouses is dyed using natural dyes from Japanese bamboo charcoal, onion, rice & indigo flower. Bemberg Cupro is produced by Asahi Kasei, a production partner who achieved a 99.8% zero-emissions rating in 2019 by using fibre waste as subsequent fuel for power generation.